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Thank You Pollard Media Productions

Over the last six years, the Belize Association of Houston has been able to maintain a website, shoot and edit a few videos and get some professional photography done.  We owe it all to Pollard Media Productions, LLC!  Pollard Media Productions is a Belizean-owned Houston-based media production company.  For the last few years, Pollard Media Productions has met all your media production work on a volunteer basis.  Paul Pollard, the owner said, “I am happy to partner with the Belize Association of Houston and provide the services that facilitate the work that they do.”

We’d like to encourage Belizeans in Houston and in the United States to look up Pollard Media Productions at and contract their media production services.

The Belize Association of Houston is a non-profit organization and we exist on the generosity of others.  Thank you Pollard Media Productions!

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