Ocean Academy School Supply Drive 2014

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Ocean Academy School Supply Drive 2014

The Belize Association of Houston and Belize Freight have teamed up with Ocean Academy, Caye Caulker’s newest high school, for their Summer 2014 School Supplies Drive!

Ocean Academy is the first high school on Caye Caulker (2008) with 64 students enrolled in Forms 1-4, a teaching staff of 7, 1 counsellor, 1 Principal. Ocean Academy champions several innovative and award-winning school initiatives, and is accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest in supporting education on Caye Caulker and for keeping connected to our roots and home country.

Here is a list of school supplies needed:

General School Supplies

  • 15-20 desktop computers
  • mice/flashdrives/webcams/keyboards/speakers/microphone headsets
  • 10 desktop printers and ink
  • 4 large filing cabinets
  • 3 office desks and chairs
  • 3 desk phones
  • Floor fans
  • 2 free-standing office dividers (for our new counselling office space)
  • Free-standing bookshelves
  • Wall-mount display cases (glassed-in shelving to display trophies, as well as flat bulletin boards to display scholarships/jobs/announcements etc.)
  • 10 quality hard-cover Spanish-English dictionaries (not small travel size, but with the grammar sections)
  • 75 Student desks and chairs, or long skinny lecture-hall tables (sometimes schools are getting rid of these and we could definitely use a lot but transport has always been an issue)
  • Large tarps to provide shade for 3 picnic tables where students eat/gather
  • Garden rakes, brooms, mops, paint brushes, unopened interior paint for classroom cement walls (garage sale items?)
  • Security camera system
  • Pens and pencils are not needed at present – but pencil crayons, color felt markers, jiffy markers, dry-erase markers are always useful
  • Clothing donations are not needed, unless they are quality sports jerseys/shorts/hats that would make good prizes for teens, like perhaps donated by a local sports team outlet

Art Supplies

  • Acrylic Paints – all colors, any amount.
  • 24 Art Canvas 8×10 sizes (pre-stretched)
  • 3 Drimmel tools to drill holes in seeds
  • 10 burn pens for writing into wood
  • 2 dozen scissors – regular larger size
  • (Case of Glue) Smaller bottles work better for distribution among students
  • Assorted  Beads for jewelry making (any amount appreciated)
  • 2 Pks (jewelry clasp) (hook/eye element)
  • Assorted Glitters
  • 4 Pks. Stencils (preferably with island designs/ sea creatures)
  • 20 staplers/ staples
  • 12 Pks Artist Brush Set


For more information of Ocean Academy please direct your inquires to:

Joni Miller Valencia M.Ed.
Founder and Projects Director
Email: miller_joni@hotmail.com
Cell:  501-626-0408
School:  501-226-0321
Website:  www.cayecaulkerschool.com

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