Family Fun Day Success!

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Family Fun Day Success!

Rain can’t stop the reggae jam!  That was our modus operandi on Saturday as we watched the dark clouds swarm over the skies while the rainfall seemed torrential in some instances.  The phone calls started to come in asking, “Will you all still have the event?”  We decided to hold our ground because we did not want to disappoint those folks who were looking forward to some good Belizean food!

Fortunately, the rain seemed to settle on a constant light drizzle and folks lined up at 3pm for their tamales and rice and beans!  The covered pavilion at Stein Family Park in southwest Houston provided ample protection from the weather and everyone had a lot of fun.  We had a lot of folks come just to buy their garnaches, dukunu, tamales and rice and beans and take it home for their families.  But a lot of folks stayed to enjoy the musical entertainment provided by DJ Conroy and the opportunity to mix with other Belizeans in the community.

The highlight of the day was the free raffle of four $25 gift cards.  That got the attention of everyone and we hope to make that a tradition at all of our future events.  Later in the evening, Lova Boy surprised the gathering as he showed up to promote his new CD and took photos with his fans.

The Belize Association would like to thank everyone for their support of our Family Fun Day and we look forward to seeing you again at our next event in October 2014!

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